Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition Coaching with Redlife Yoga

Let’s Eat!

Danielle cooks with love and balance and wants you to eat more veggies! Everyday should be filled with a variety of proteins, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains while limiting processed food. Her personal clients look to her for creative ways to meal plan so that they are able to find time to cook on their own, even if they have busy schedules. It really boils down to (pun intended) deciding what is important to you? Eating food that you have prepared can be a healthy alternative to the rushed eating-on-the-go lifestyle. Cooking is another form of art that has a creative process and can be relaxing. Spending a few hours a week planning meals together as a family is a way to spend time with loved ones.  Click the graphic to download the clean eating grocery list pdf from Happy Healthy Smart.

Nutrition Training and Coaching Four Weeks (in-person & virtual)

Nutrition eduction and behavior-change strategies to help you develop life-long dietary habits, leading to better health. Let’s get nerdy about food science. The goal is to learn about clean whole food and how YOUR body works. I will not tell you what to eat. Learning is a life-long process and good decision making is a skill.  It’s time to gather information, pay attention, make choices and understand the consequences. Most people know healthy eating habits and yet a lack of commitment, busy schedules, children and spouses are the offered up as excuses as to why they can’t do it. Lasting change requires work and self-accountability.

Week 1:
  • Initial Coaching Session & 3-Day Food Journal Review
  • Design Your Plan
  • Grocery Shopping in person OR Grocery Shopping & Meal Prep Video Content (Coming Soon!)
Week 2:
  • Virtual Meditation Class, Goals Review Worksheet & 30 min coaching call
Week 3:
  • Coaching Call (45 mins)
Weeks 1-4:
  • Text check-in/ Food Journal Review, Sun-Sat 8pm-7pm
  • Free Yoga Class Thursdays @6:15, Spring Hill, Florida
  • Private Facebook Group Content, Recipes, Motivation, Exercise
  • Tool Kit (reading materials, websites, pdfs, etc)
Nutrition Coaching with Redlife Yoga